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Mystical Tours will organize an ongoing series of local and overseas adventures in the form of personal discovery workshops. These will be held at sacred and mystical sights around the world and will facilitate the recognition of personal healing energy and spiritual potential. Some of the locations for trips already in progress include Thailand, Machu Picchu (Peru), Egypt, Mexico and England. Shorter workshops will be held locally at places such as the Drakensberg, the Eastern Cape, Mozambique and the exclusive game camp, Ulusaba.

Each trip will have a central theme and will work through a group dynamic in order to achieve greater personal insight and understanding.


The Thailand workshop, brings people into the archetype of Venus. This is an exploration of relationship and self-worth issues set in a country known for its Buddhist culture and stunning beaches. We will introduce aspirants to the boundless regions of the archetype of Neptune and will use dream analysis, meditation and active imagination techniques to bring participants into deeper states of awareness. The setting itself plays a central role in the growth that began to unfold amongst your group during this ten-day adventure.

For city dwellers that cope with the pressures of modern living on a day-to-day basis, the tropical island setting correlates to the experience of Venus and relationships on many levels. The contrast in culture enabled you to get out of yourselves, to make a conscious break from familiar patterns and to reassess values and choices that were made in the past.

The beachside hotel brings you close to the water and gives you a view of an enormous golden Buddha that is the centerpiece of a large and tranquil temple. On another outing, you drive into the hills and spent the day meditating and practicing T'ai Chi at a smaller forest temple. The combined impact of being in that environment practicing the ancient arts help you to bring awareness to your body, still your mind and to accept and internalize the lessons that Anita is offering you. Part of Anita's philosophy around relationships and self-worth includes the idea that one must confront and understand the fear that resides in your emotional bodies.

Your time with the natural surroundings which includes snorkeling in an exotic coral reef, reflects an inner process of evaluating emotion (water/ocean) and values (trees/earth). The outer mirrors the inner and your relationship with intimacy deepens. This feeling is strengthened by your daily morning yoga workouts on the beach outside your hotel. Although some might find yoga to be strenuous, the awareness it creates helps you to understand where you hold tension in your body. As a countermeasure to the intensity of yoga, private Thai massages are also incorporated into your daily routine and from another perspective, you are able to become conscious of tension and emotion that you subconsciously carry with you on a daily basis.

Koh Samui, with its beauty, tranquility and ancient culture, provides the setting for the core work of your trip, which centers on Anita and her profound understanding of relationships and human nature. Her approach focusses on three central points which includes one-on-one private astrological consultations, afternoon lectures and guided group meditations.

The private consultations gives you the opportunity to benefit from the wisdom of astrology and provides a safe and private environment from which you can uncover and deal with hidden or unbalanced aspects of your psyche. The amount of information and insight you are given from this alone is startling. Exploring one's life through the tool of astrology can be profound even at the worst of times but when experienced in the context of an overseas group workshop, it can be life altering. Through this experience alone, you as a individual begin to shift perspective and awareness.

The afternoon lectures expand on what you learned in consultation and focusses specifically on the dynamics of relationship, personal values and self-worth. These themes are explored through astrology, mythology and modern psychology and are designed to bring you a practical yet in-depth understanding of the energies and forces that shape your perception of yourself and the lives of others. Anita personalizes ancient myths and modern theories and apply them to your daily lives so that you can realize how archetypal forces helps to explain life issues and emotional pain.

On the experiential side, guided meditations and creative visualizations gives you as a group, a first hand experience of your inner selves and an opportunity to approach your emotions and hidden fears. The themes of the meditations includes awareness of the chakras, internal healing energy and finding the source of creativity within you. When you are guided into a safe and invigorating place within yourself, courage and confidence becomes a reality and this motivates you to further explore the uncharted territory of your own psyche.

During the evenings, Anita encourages you to socialize and put into practice what you have been learning during the day. Relaxing, having fun and being open with the group is an excellent way of letting go and to process the deeply personal and intensely emotional work you will be sharing with your group.

Being able to understand your own personal relationships in a new light is a revelation but the fact that this happens in a group context cannot be underestimated. Group work is the process of the Aquarian age and is the method of healing that will take you into the new millennium. Within the group, each person acts as both a healer and the one who is being healed. Experiences are shared and everyone benefits by feeling the relief that comes from communicating your issues and having them recognized by others. A catharsis is experienced both collectively and individually - which transport people further and more deeply than would have been possible if personal difficulties were approached by other means.

The proof that this experience is valid and potent is evident when you return home and re-enter your life. On this trip, people go back to their friends and families as transformed beings. Relationships are healed, outlooks and perspectives are altered and new directions are undertaken.

If you would like to receive more on tours, please contact us.

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