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For all Managing Directors who have tried it all, but are still burdened with low production and low staff morale, the time has arrived for a new look at the reasons for this:

Do you know that more than 90% of all South Africans will have some type of trauma before the age of 45? The reason is very simple; wrong upbringing, stress, eating disorders, negativity about the current crime statistics in South Africa and so on. Why not get to the root of the problem? The human body can sort itself out in a natural way by following the right eating habits and having a real knowledge of the problem.

Dr. Bulatov is a medical doctor, as well as a qualified Homeopath. He has been in SA for the last 9 years. Possessing a passion for health and a simple way to obtain this, he lectures to Corporate Institutions where he has implemented his methods to work 5 days a week, without stress which promotes a happy working environment.

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